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Shock Desktop 3D

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Shock Desktop 3D - Download 0.5

Download Shock Desktop 3D 0.5

Fun stuff
2.76 MB
Free (BSD)
- Win2000, XP, 2003, Vista

If what you want is to customize your desktop and make it more entertaining without losing its functionality, this application will surprise you. When run, the flat backgorund becomes a concave surface that gives the impression of being inside a giant cube. On the floor we see some pictures (or cubes) that are our desktop icons.

We can adjust the pixel depth and background design of surfaces.

The funny thing is the ability to take each icon and throw it in any direction. We can even stack them and create our own designs. The physics are very realistic, although this increases the consumption of PC resources. If you get tired of 3D, with one click you can return to your regular desktop.

Download now and enjoy throwing icons!
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